Five Ways to Save Time and Money with Your Checking Account

We all have different responsibilities that keep us busy day-to-day. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some simple ways to help save time and money without adding more to our to-do lists? Even your Clark County Credit Union checking account can help do this – here’s a list of five ways a checking account can help you be more efficient with your budget:

1. Online Bill Pay

Save time with Mobile and Online Banking to pay your bills with your checking account. You can easily pay utilities, rent/mortgage, HOA bills, and other regular payments with this option. With online bill pay, you can even choose to have a reoccurring payment set-up, or pay as your bills come in directly to the app. Save money by avoiding processing fees you may incur by using a phone or website system to make your payments.

2. Earn Rewards

At Clark County Credit Union, members are offered not just credit rewards, but also debit rewards! Every debit card purchase can earn points that can then be redeemed for cash back, travel, gift certificates, or merchandise rewards. Plus, with the CCCU debit card, you receive Roadside Dispatch (Visa Benefit)1, this is something usually only seen with credit cards. And, with the Pay with Points option, you will have the opportunity to pay for your purchase with points you’ve already earned with previous purchases.

3. Nationwide Account Access

With a checking account, your debit card provides you with access to a nationwide network of ATM’s. At CCCU, we are a part of the Co-Op Network which gives members access to over 30,000 surcharge free ATMs across the nation. Locations like 7-eleven, Walgreens and other participating credit unions means you are always close to a free ATM.

4. A Bank in Your Pocket

Receiving paper checks could mean taking time to deposit it in our local branch – OR you can do a remote mobile deposit with your smartphone. Simply taking a photo of your check and submitting it can save you both gas money and time! Learn how to use CCCU’s mobile deposit today!

5. Interest Earning Potential

Typically, only savings or investment accounts have interest earning potential. CCCU’s Bonus Checking account can earn Bonus Interest2 as well!

Make sure you’re taking full advantage of your checking account – you will be surprised how using all of the services available can help you save both time and money! To learn more about checking accounts with CCCU, visit our website or call our team at 702-228-2228.

1Please view VISA disclosures on our website.
2Up to $25,000 balance eligible to 1% rate bonus. Additional balances eligible to current posted rate. Must have $1k or more in direct deposit(s), receive e-statements, have a valid email on file with CCCU, and 15 Point of Sale debit card transactions to receive rate bonus.