ClickSwitch Makes It Easy To Set-Up A Checking Account In Henderson and Las Vegas

ClickSwitch Makes It Easy To Set-Up A Checking Account In Henderson and Las Vegas

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Have you heard of ClickSwitch? It's yet another feature offered by Clark County Credit Union that underscores our commitment to making every move that follows opening a new checking account in Henderson an absolute cinch.

ClickSwitch provides:

  • Instant account setup and direct deposit transfer
  • Automatic direct deposit form completion with copies of voided checks
  • Auto-debit payee notification of new account information and billing updates
  • Real-time switch confirmations
  • Balance assist for recommended dollar amounts to leave in former accounts
  • Payment tracking to new accounts
  • Account closure processing when the switch is complete

Learn More

Initiate ClickSwitch with a quick switch

All you have to do is invest 10 minutes of time by opening a new checking account at Clark County Credit Union.

Once you've completed this quick step, enter basic information about yourself, such as your name, address and phone number. Then create an e-signature for purposes of identification.

Now you're ready to start an organized, orderly and efficient account switching system.

Get Started

Begin with direct deposits

You will begin by switching your direct deposits (your employer paychecks) into your new Clark County Credit Union account.

Your employer information may already be in the database. If not, a direct deposit agreement will be generated, and it will be automatically populated with your new account information.

Move on to automatic payments

From here, change your automatic payments for your mortgage or lease payment, your utilities, car payment and your other monthly obligations.

This feature is a true time-saver, sparing you the hassle of repeating basic identifying information debtors require each time you change an automatic payment.

Enjoy the benefits of a new checking account with Clark County Credit Union

In addition to having an easy way to switch your automatic payments, you’ll also enjoy myriad benefits of being a CCCU account holder, including:

  • Wire deposits
  • Certificates of deposits and IRA certificates
  • Credit cards that carry no annual fees and low interest rates
  • Highly competitive interest rates on savings accounts, CDs and money market accounts
  • Investment services
  • Low-interest rates on mortgages
  • Low-interest rates on vehicle loans
  • Notary services

Perhaps best of all, enjoy feeling appreciated by our employees at Clark County Credit Union, whose primary goal is meeting our members' needs and becoming their trusted, go-to financial resource.

When you open a checking account in Henderson with Clark County Credit Union, you become part of something truly special. Come see what we have to offer -- and forever leave your apprehension of changing financial institutions.

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