Set Up Account Alerts to Keep Your Credit Union Assets Safe

Clark County Credit Union will continue to keep you informed and provide ways to protect your assets and information, especially during this time of increased fraud attempts due to COVID-19. Here are some things to do to keep your assets safe.

Account Security

System Alerts

Our new Online Banking system comes with security features that sends alerts via text or email for things like password and username changes or updates to your account. These alerts make sure that there is no unusual activity or potential fraud. If you receive an alert for something you did not do on your account, please take these steps:

  1. Contact CCCU to verify why you received the alert.
  2. If it was an attempt to access your account from fraudsters, log in to your account and change your username and password. This can be done in Online Banking under Settings/Security Preferences.
  3. If you see fraudulent activity on your account, contact CCCU at 702-228-2228 to dispute. This may require temporarily blocking your online banking.

Member Created Alerts

CCCU allows you to set up other alert notifications through Online Banking. This lets you stay on top of what’s important to you. You can request an alert for specific conditions you choose. The alerts are then sent to you through a secure message, but you can also choose to receive them by email, phone, or text message. Alerts can be set for these things:

  1. Account Alerts- Notifies you of balances above or under a chosen amount.
  2. History Alerts- Notifies you of cleared checks, or transactions with a requested amount.
  3. Online Transaction Alerts- Alerts you when various transfers, payments, or debits post to your account.
  4. Reminders- Like a calendar, you can set an alert to remind you of specific dates or events.

For guidance setting up alerts and other Online Banking features, view the Online Banking Guide.

Clark County Credit Union Follows Best Security Practices

As a reminder, Clark County Credit Union will never contact you and ask for your account number or personal information. If you receive a call from anyone asking for your information, hang up. You can verify the legitimacy by calling our Service department at 702-228-2228, through online chat at, or through your Online Banking in a secure message. Stay updated with tips to keep you and your assets safe, learn about current scams, or get relevant resource information by visiting our COVID-19 Resource Page.